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Howdy all, and thanks for checking out my new blog!

For those who don’t know me, hello, my name is Robert, but while you’re here, you can call me the Ninja Jedi. Want to get to know me a bit better? Check out the about page, that’s what it’s there for.

The Ninja Jedi is guaranteed to be at least 75% more entertaining and more than 50% less depressing than my old blog. What’s on tap here will be a variety show of my art, stories, project updates, and my general musings on any number of other miscellaneous topics. I’ll be aiming for a roughly weekly posting schedule, but I’ll probably be straying from that, either posting more or less frequently depending on what’s going on with my life in the real world.

To start with today, I’ll be sharing my list of projects, and their current status. My active projects will also be listed on the “Projects’ Status” page linked on the top menu, and when I note an update here in a post, I’ll update that page as well.