Projects’ Status

Front Burner Projects

These are my currently active, regularly worked on projects. Outside of my real world obligations, these are my top priorities for completion

Photography - Slow and steady wins the race. Every few weeks I take a hike through a metropark or walking through alleys downtown with my camera. I’d consider myself more an avid hobbyist than an aspiring professional, though I’m working on researching the “art world” and looking into exhibiting some work in a gallery or show.

Writing - I’ve got about a half dozen books and more than double that of short stories in my head, and I’ve been slowly progressing on getting them squeezed out.

Books in progress

  • Ballistic: A Modern Tactical Roleplaying Game - Combining my love of action films and pencil and paper RPGs, this is a new game system with streamlined combat and character development for faster play and less needlessly confusing rules. Current status: ~30%
  • The Kinder Way – An exploration and indictment of religion and philosophy, presented by way of creating a new logically and morally engineered quazi-religion. Current Status: ~50%
  • Arcadia – My commentary on human nature, and what it should be. Kind of like a sci-fi Gulliver’s Travels. Current Status: ~10%
  • Empire Bloodlines: A prequel to my comic Department 13, explaining what happened between now and the comic: Current Status:  ~20%

Home improvements – You get what you pay for and I paid $29,900 for my house. There’s a lot of projects in here, more than I need to mention here. This is all being done piecemeal when I can, but this item is fairly high on my priority list.

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